Washing the sofa

Washing the sofa

Definition of sofa washing

Sofa washing or sofa washing is like this
Your home sofa has been washed using mechanized furniture washing machines without wetting the foam and wooden frame of the furniture
And can be used in the shortest possible time


Contact sofa washing



Conditions such that you contact the mother carpet cleaner.
And you register your order online on the carpet washing site or you request a carpet washing through the mother phone contact phone numbers.
The service will be sent from your mother Braton Carpet Washing Company.
And in less than two hours, our experts will be sent to the place to wash your sofas in your own home.
And after washing and drying, which basically takes 3 to 4 hours, your sofas will be usable.
All work is done in your presence to be aware of the quality of washing and be aware of the process that helps keep your sofas from rotting.
After your satisfaction with the sofa washing service, you can pay



How to wash your sofas on the spot


First we clean the sofa with detergent
Then we wash it with a foam maker and washer. Of course, this foam does not contain water
And in such a way that it does not penetrate the sofa at all



How to wash your sofa at home.




Washing fabric sofas
For these sofas, it is enough to use carpet shampoo
Working style
Pour some carpet shampoo into a container and spray it on your sofas with a cloud.
Then wipe it with another cloud and let it dry.
Washing velvet sofas
Basically, this type of fabric can not be washed with shampoo. The best thing to do is to use a steam cleaner or a damp cloth that can remove dirt from the surface.
Washing leather sofa
It is enough to use salt glass, but it is better if you want high quality sofa washing.
Call your mother carpet to wash this sofa with higher quality to eliminate the bad smell of these sofas.

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